About the GWPO

The Greater Winstanley People’s Organisation (GWPO) exists to build the power
of the local community in the Greater Winstanley area (the Winstanley and York
Road estates) to bring about positive change, enhance local democracy, and
enable us to take control of our neighbourhood’s destiny.

The GWPO encourages as many local people as possible to participate in
the governance of our neighbourhood and develop leaders who can restore the
breakdown in trust and fight the hopelessness that has plagued our community.

The GWPO stries to develop a common vision for the neighbourhood and
will strive to build a fairer community based on the bonds of mutual respect.
It will work to ensure that local people are given a seat around the table when
decisions that impact us are taken and that those in power are held to account. It
will work to the maxim: “nothing about us, without us.